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Sunt filmulete de animatie pe teme istorice ; pot fi folosite ca ,, pretexte'' in inchegarea unor dialoguri incitante cu elevii .

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,,Cucerirea normanda a Angliei este reprezentata prin imagini pe „tapiseria de la Bayeux“, realizata in secolul al XI-lea, la curtea normanda a lui Wilhelm Cuceritorul si atribuită reginei Mathilde (1031 - 1083). Aceasta este o bucata de panza lunga de aproximativ 70 m si lata de circa 0,50 m pe care sunt brodate cu fire de lana in opt culori 58 de scene, incluzand peste cinci mii de personaje care au participat la evenimentele din 1066. Din Tapiserie rezulta ca au fost doborate paduri intregi pentru construirea si armarea a sapte sute cinzeci de corabii care trebuiau sa transporte, dupa calculele strategilor vremii, intre 12.000 si 15.000 de oameni peste Canal. Flota a fost gata la inceputul lunii septembrie 1066, dar inca cinsprezece zile, vanturi contrare l-au retinut pe Wilhelm in Normandia''(ALTERMEDIA.INFO)

Cu HISTORIC TALE CONSTRUCTION KIT te distrezi imaginand povesti medievale !

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Story Tools

A very nice collection of sites for slideshows, etc.


VCASMO is a multimedia presentation solution for personal photo-video slide show, business presentation, training, academic teaching, sales pitching, seminar, conference, press release meeting, live event.

Google Earth Library

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All My Faves


Meanders and Floodplains

Excellent animations to show how meanders and floodplains are formed. Suitable for use on an interactive whiteboard.


Geography Animation - Erratics

An excellent animation of a feature of glaciation called erratics.

Discover how Rocks are Formed

The site explains in a simple way how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed. There are also illustrated examples of each type of rock.

Virtual Rock Kit

GeoHive Global Statistics

A collection of data ranging from country profiles to the highest mountains, to a list of all the countries in the world with their capitals, surface areas and population.(here)


A wonderful site which uses Flash technology to animate the processes of rock formation. Help Rex solve the Mystery of the Floating Rock. You have to identify the type of rock from its characteristics. Tips for field trips.

A Virtual Geography Journey

A great site if you want to see an animated demonstration of the water cycle, explore a superb profile of a river, learn about settlements, floods or pollution of a river. Highly recommended, especially if you live in the North West of England.


A teaching tool for interactive whiteboards which generates different maps of the UK and the world. It is best used on full-screen setting.

Tech Topics

Superb, animated scientific exhibits for students and teachers. The units covered are Electricity, Earthquakes, Cardiovascular System, Matter and Genetics.(here)


An excellent site with interactive activities relating to positional language. Parents can use the site to help their child learn the language of where things are placed and the site also lends itself well to use on an interactive whiteboard.

A good resource library with free flash games, quizzes interactive animations and videos in a growing range of subjects.

Geography Image Bank

Great copyright free images from Worcestershire LEA. Categories include: Human Geography, Physical Geography, Buildings (homes), Culture, Seaside and Transport. The photographs would be useful teaching aids on an interactive whiteboard.( here )