IRIDIUM Networks

GlobalTrack G200R IRIDIUM GPS Tracking System
Integrate both gsm/gprs and IRIDIUM dual radio system in one device
Very low latency time,send data from anywhere in the world in few seconds by IRIDIUM
IRIDIUM system support 66 satellites, G200R can work in high density city ,jungles and marines
Compare to other signle satellite system, IRIDIUM system can receive signal in all directions
Very low GPS message air time price, the cost will be lower than gsm SMS
Operate at 1.6G radio band frequency,G200R can be installed and tracking aircrafts
Support live video and fuel level real time monitoring
Worldwide vehice tracking web service with GlobalTrack WebMap with GOOGLE EARTH
Accessories include Camera ,Fuel level Sensor,Temperature Sensor,Vibrations sensor,G-sensor,Small Printer
Introduction to IRIDIUM Networks

The Iridium System is a satellite-based, wireless communications network providing a robust suite of Voice and Data services to virtually any destination anywhere on earth.

With 66 satellites forming a cross-linked grid above the Earth, the Iridium system is the first low-earth orbiting system for telephone service. Only 780km (450 miles) high, these satellites work different from those at a much higher orbit (26,000km) in two major ways. First they're closes enough to receive the signals of a handheld device; and second, they act like cellular towers in the sky - where wireless signals can move overhead instead of through ground based cells.

Frequency Bands

Telephone & Messaging 1616-1625.5 MHz,L-band
Intersatellite Links 23.18-23.38 GHz, Ka-band
Ground Segment Links
Downlinks 19.4-19.6 GHz, Ka-band
Uplinks 29.1-29.3 GHz, Ka-band

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